nablet Releases Major Upgrade of Transport Stream Analyzer

AACHEN, Germany – May 11, 2016 – nablet, a leading provider of media processing technologies, announced today that it has released a major upgrade of its TS Analyzer. This significant update adds new features just weeks after the product’s initial release.

The nablet Transport Stream Analyzer is a powerful Windows software tool for evaluating transport stream video and its included audio and other metadata. It supports all kinds of transport streams including satellite, streaming video and video cameras (such as MTS). It can analyze video from live sources and video files.

New features include:

  • Dynamic addition to basic info table of other PSI tables (EIT, NIT, SDT, TDT) not detected by libav on file opening. These items are shown in pink in the image below.
  • Dynamic addition to basic info table of other unknown PIDs found during TS packet parsing. These items are shown in gray in the image below.
  • Fixed scroll in basic info table when expanding or collapting parent elements.
  • Parsing NIT table and displaying details.
  • Analysis of third level errors (NIT, SDT, EIT and TDT table errors).

Additional information is available on the Transport Stream Analyzer product page.

About nablet

nablet is a premiere provider of streaming, codec, muxing, and transcoding solutions for the broadcast and entertainment markets. This is coupled with a strong R&D focus on content analysis, image processing and automated metadata creation. nablet’s products seamlessly integrate with other partners and vendors providing reliable turnkey broadcast solutions. Additional information is available at

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