nablet Licenses MXF Components to JOANNEUM RESEARCH

AACHEN, Germany – February 10, 2022  – nablet, a leading provider of media processing technologies, announced today that it has licensed its MXF components to JOANNEUM RESEARCH, the leading provider of image and sound quality control software for video and film archives.

nablet codecs and related technologies are designed for optimized quality, low resource requirements and high performance on multi-core systems. Their codecs offer industry-leading quality and performance with approximately 20-30 percent faster encoding (codec dependant), or up to 30 percent less CPU usage for the same profiles than competing solutions in the market.

“We are excited that JOANNEUM RESEARCH has chosen us as their supplier of technologies to extend the range of supported file formats in VidiCert,” said Muzaffer Beygirci, CEO of nablet. “Automated video QC is indispensable in today’s video workflows, and VidiCert is very well known for ensuring the highest digitization quality for film and video collections”.

Peter Schallauer, Product Manager for Smart Media Archive Solutions at JOANNEUM RESEARCH

“VidiCert image and sound quality control provides interoperability with a wide range of file format variants used by media archives and digitisation service providers, including highly interoperable MXF dewrapping and decoding thanks to nablet,” said Peter Schallauer, Product Manager for Smart Media Archive Solutions at JOANNEUM RESEARCH.

“The nablet team has been incredibly responsive in providing tools for file format analysis and in finding interoperable solutions for the high number of legacy and contemporary file format variants present in audiovisual archives. We look forward to working with nablet on future file format support”.

About nablet

nablet is a leading provider of video codecs, transcoders and MXF technologies which are used widely in entertainment, sports, broadcasting and related industries. Clients include many tier 1 brands and other prominent companies around the world. nablet powers many of the best-known video products and services under the hood, creating and modifying millions of video every year. In addition, nablet is the official developer of the Sony format plugins for Avid Media Composer.

nablet´s core product is the powerful mediaEngine transcoder, which is capable of processing multiple formats simultaneously. It works with all nablet SDKs and technologies, including Shrynk and Heightscreen AI media processing. mediaEngine powers many products in the market as their core for the media processing requirements including ingest, any-to-any transcode and playout, watermarking, smart rendering, closed caption support, HDR conversion and many more.

Based in Aachen, Germany, the company was founded in 2011 by industry veterans who developed many of the most widely used video codecs in use today. nablet develops all of its codecs and related technologies in-house to ensure full support to its clients, without relying on open source or third party technologies.

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nablet is a trademark of nablet GmbH.


VidiCert is the quality control (QC) solution specialised in ensuring highest digitisation quality for film and video collections. Its extensive set of automated functions for detecting specific audiovisual defects occurring in the digitisation process and its highly time-efficient eyeball QC functions enable cost–efficient and high-quality digitisation workflows for broadcast archives, film archives, and any other institution preserving and re-using archived video and film. To learn more visit the VidiCert webpage.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH’s Smart Media Solutions unit (SMS) offers robust and customer specific  solutions for  analysis and production as well as for digital quality assessment and enhancement of audio-visual content. Services along the entire applied research and development cycle are offered, starting from research on  AI-based image content analysis and enhancement methods, the design of intuitive user interaction techniques, up to productive software integrated with third party solutions and own products. Beyond VidiCert, SMS offers products like FaceR, a face recognition solution optimized for minimal number of face samples, BrandDetector, for automatic logo recognition, and TrafficAnalyser, for automatic, anonymised survey of the behaviour of road users.

Clients and partners include broadcasters, archives, service providers and governmental organisations such as Atos, Bayerischer Rundfunk, RAI, Indiana University, ORF, Hensoldt Analytics, ASFiNAG, ÖBB and the City of Graz. SMS partners with these companies and institutions to automate and optimize their workflows based on smart information extraction from audiovisual contents.

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