Streaming and Receiver SDK

nablet’s optimized codecs are ideal for intense streaming environments. The Streaming and Receiver SDK is three SDKs in one, enabling full-featured streaming in HLS, MPEG DASH and RTMP.

The HLS engine is a slim module that generates segmented video for HTTP streaming. The MPEG DASH SDK is ideal for all DASH live and VOD applications. And the RTMP SDK supports popular formats and video portals. All components are designed for easy integration into existing workflows.

Windows, macOS, Linux


The nablet HLS engine generates segmented video for streaming over HTTP. The engine is a slim module that can easily be integrated into existing streaming environments.


  • Available as SDK and module for integration
  • Supports multi bit-rate input
  • Very fast and efficient
  • Includes full featured HTTP server and client
  • Available for: Windows, MacOS 32 and Linux (all 32 and 64Bit)


The nablet MPEG DASH SDK is a highly optimized MPEG DASH server SDK for all common platforms, designed for all DASH scenarios like video on demand and live. Its easy to use API provides the best usability in your product. The SDK implements the full MPEG DASH standard and DASH-264 interoperability points.


  • Supported codecs: HEVC, H.264 and AAC
  • Supported input formats: elementary stream and transport stream
  • Includes a fully featured (fragmented) MP4 muxer
  • Supports VoD and live Manifest creation
  • Supports SegmentTimeline live streaming
  • Supports SegmentTemplate for VoD
  • Supports upload mode to avoid data device writing
  • Includes a slim HTTP server for various destination types (HTTP, Akamai, WebDAV)
  • Cross platform build system based on cmake that includes Windows, Linux and Mac 32 and 64 Bit
  • DirectShow Filter available


The nablet RTMP SDK allows streaming in RTMP and other formats. It supports popular video portals including justin.TV, Ustream, stitch and many others. The stack is easy to integrate into existing workflows and environments.


  • RTMPS secure streaming support
  • SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) support
  • Low delay support for Long GOP streaming
  • Akamai CDN support
  • CBR (constant bitrate) MPEG-2 TS streaming
  • DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) support
  • RTMP live/publish/edge – allows sharing data with external services and servers
  • RTP/UDP live streaming of MPEG-2 TS (SAP/SDP support – for MPEG-2 TS)
  • The RTMP SDK is available for: Windows, MacOS 32 and Linux (all 32 and 64Bit)
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