mediaEngine v2.5

Transcoder: €2499
mediaEngine SDK: €9900

nablet mediaEngine v2.5 is a powerful transcoder which supports a wide variety of production and delivery formats and is ideal for live, OTT and VOD workflows. It can run as a standalone transcoder or as part of a transcoding solution. The new v2.5 adds powerful new features for additional parallel processing. It integrates the market’s fastest XDCAM, XAVC and AVC-Ultra Encoders.

Windows, Linux, Docker, DirectShow

nablet mediaEngine v2.5 is a powerful transcoder for live and file-based workflows, that facilitates the encoding of video and audio media to a variety of acquisition, editing, broadcast and web formats. It runs either standalone or within a multi-node rendering farm controlled by third party apps.

The new v2.5 adds powerful, simultaneous processing that enables encoding in several formats concurrently. Encoding to MPEG-2 XDCAM HD 422 while simultaneously creating a transport stream, proxy MPEG-4 file, and encoding to HLS is just one example.

It is perfect for live, OTT and VOD applications where incoming content needs to be converted efficiently to multiple formats. mediaEngine includes “while” function support for growing MXF files, enabling reading while writing – even in cloud environments.

The mediaEngine workflow (click the image below to enlarge):

mE v2.5 is available for Windows, Linux, Docker and DirectShow. It comes as a command line transcoder, with an optional SDK also available for low-level integration into existing transcode workflows or applications.

A Windows GUI version called meXpress is also available, which is helpful for quickly testing speed and quality of the engine and the included nablet codecs and for quickly enabling various production scenarios.

mediaEngine has an integrated ultra-fast threading model that makes maximum use of the given resources. The transcoding speed is maximized as the built-in nablet video codecs are also optimized for the internal workflow. Optimized encoders and decoders for specific formats like XDCAM or XAVC provide further advantages compared to standard multi-purpose codecs.

nablet mediaEngine v2.5 is designed to allow the highest possible scalability to set up cluster and cloud-based media processing and high-density transcoding solutions. It takes full advantage of GPU accelerated processing pipelines including Intel Quick Sync Video encoding, decoding, the NVIDIA NVENC encoder and other functions like high quality scaling, deinterlacing and many others.

mE v2.5 supports all major formats and handles critical transcoding operations including:

  • Format conversions between SD, HD and UHD
  • Color space conversion including HDR
  • High quality video denoising, de-/interlacing
  • Highly optimized threading model
  • Up to 8 Channel SDI to XDCAM HD in 1U server
  • Up to 3 XAVC 4K Class 300 Encode on Intel Diamond

Other functions like XDCAM, XAVC and HEVC smart rendering are optional.

mediaEngine v2.5 supports a variety of ingest sources including SDI, NDI, IP, file ingest as well as support for a growing list of many RAW formats.

Key features

  • Object-oriented C/C++ interface with an ultra-fast asynchronous threading model
  • Plug-in interface to integrate third party modules (DirectShow, Media Foundation, QuickTime, FFmpeg, etc.)
  • 8-bit 4:2:0 GPU accelerated transcoding
  •  10-bit 4:20/4:2:2 HEVC GPU accelerated encoding
  • Support for all Intel and NVIDIA hardware encoders
  • FFmpeg API for adding rarely used picture, video and audio formats
  • Multi-platform OS support: Windows, Linux and several different container formats
  • Smart rendering for MPEG-2 video including XDCAM, XAVC family of formats
  • Highly optimized MPEG-SD low bitrate encoder
  • Audio / metadata passthrough
  • Parallel encoding into several different formats to support hi-res, lo-res and proxy encoding
  • Speed optimizations for media processing pipelines including streaming formats
  • File transcoding with stitching / multiple files / mixing multiple audio tracks
  • Monitoring of transcoding using HTML
  • Live video transcode and stream / multiple stream
  • Easy preset generation and editing
  • Many, many more

mediaEngine is available as a command-line based transcoder, a full SDK and a Windows GUI version called meXpress. mediaEngine is designed for easy integration into virtually any workflow.

Flexible pricing including flat-rate options, per system or single transcoder.

Click here to download the mediaEngine product brochure in PDF format.

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