Shrynk is an automatic highlight reel generator. It uses AI to analyze content and create a clip showing only the most interesting parts. For example, Shrynk can condense an entire soccer game to a short clip containing only the goals and most intense action scenes.

This new technology is ideal for broadcasters and other content creators, automating the tedious process of editing highlights. It also enables app creators to help users escape content overload by getting the highlights of the past weekend’s sports, or a summary of the latest news.

Shrynk uses three different technologies to generate automatic highlight videos:

  • A neuronal network-based AI image processor to score scenes depending on their interest factor.
  • A smart rendering engine to create the highligt video without re-encoding.
  • Optional heightscreen 9:16 conversion for landscape to vertical video conversion.

The resulting video can be of any length, adjustable by second intervals.

The current implementation has been mainly trained for soccer and a few other sports highlights. Other content types including news, trailers and user-generated content are in preparation.

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