Heightscreen is an AI-based 9:16 vertical video converter. It automatically detects areas of interest in horizontal content, and generates a vertical version panned accordingly, for example a soccer ball going into a goal.

Videos generated by Heightscreen have the benefits of landscape video while fully utilizing the screen landscape of a phone held vertically.

nablet is looking for early adopters who want to be among the first to utilize this exciting new technology in their applications.

Content today is generated usually in 16:9 landscape format, however mobile phone users prefer to hold their devices vertically almost all the time. Watching landscape content vertically only utilizes about 25 percent of the screen.

However, producing vertical versions of content just for mobile can add significant costs, And, creating vertical video from existing landscape video requires human interaction as there is much less width to show the interesting part of the content.

This is where heightscreen helps. It uses AI to find the best part of the content, and renders it into vertical video. It scans constantly to determine the area of the most potential interest, and always keeps that area framed.

Potential uses include short sports highlights, news summaries, user generated content for social media, etc.


  • Ads and highlights of games or clips as well as films, can be consumed in full screen on a mobile device, without turning the phone into landscape mode.
  • Vertical video leverages 100% of the phone´s real estate (vs. 25%)
  • This format works best on mobile apps where consumers are used to interstitials being served
  • Users will likely not rotate their phones to landscape mode to view an ad or a short clip or highlight. They are more likely to switch when consuming longer content.
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