Media Analysis & Processing

nablet analysis and processing products enable virtually limitless workflows. We build analysis tools for video and containers including MP4, Transport Streams and more, as well as accurate video fingerprinting. Our processing technologies include high-quality transcoding, filtering, scaling, color conversion, enhancement, noise removal, muxing, demuxing and more.

All of our components work together in the nablet Ecosystem, allowing you to build a modular workflow to meet your needs.

mediaEngine v2.5

nablet mediaEngine v2.5 is a powerful transcoder which supports a wide variety of production and delivery formats and is ideal for live, OTT and VOD workflows. It can run as a standalone transcoder or as part of a transcoding solution. The new v2.5 adds powerful new features for additional parallel processing. It integrates the market’s fastest XDCAM, XAVC and AVC-Ultra Encoders.

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mediaEngine Express

All-new version reworked completely from scratch. Now even easier and more attractive.

A powerful and easy-to-use transcoder, powered by the nablet mediaEngine core, that supports most common broadcast and production formats. It features an easy-to-use interface, watch folder support, and easily editable presets that are up-compatible with mediaEngine 2.5 and above.

It also includes support for growing growing MXF files: transcoding MXF while copying, or accessing a growing file from another tool while being transcoded.

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Video Processing Engine (VPE) SDK

nablet VPE (Video Processing Engine) is a powerful collection of modules which can perform various media processing functions with exceptional quality and performance. Processes include deinterlacing, interlacing, alpha blending, scaling, denoising, color conversion and more. In many cases, these components can perform functions in software that previously required specialized, expensive hardware.

VPE now supports new CPU architecture extenstions and several other speed and quality enhancements.

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Video Fingerprint SDK

The nablet fingerprinting engine analyses the unique features of video content, and compares these against archived fingerprints in the nablet database. It is safe against compression artifacts, color conversion, rescaling and other manipulation techniques. Other than conventional fingerprinting, the nablet approach is to do a scene detection and create a representative finger print for each video scene: ultra-fast identification with high accuracy.

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Forensic Watermark SDK

The new nablet Forensic Watermark SDK makes it easy to protect your content. It enables insertion of a non-visible forensic watermark into video without re-encoding. It is easy to integrate into a wide variety of workflows. Features include live and offline modes, smart rendering, web API support, and protection from cropping, re-encoding, file size reduction and block artifacts.

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HDR Konverter

HDR Konverter is like a Swiss Army knife for video conditioning. converting RAW video and RGB pictures to a wide variety of output formats. It can convert HDR to SDR and vice versa.

Functions include correcting white balance, correcting wrong combinations of chroma-coordinates and RGB-YUV transform matrix, and tuning the look and feel of video to meet the needs of the target environment.

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