AI & Machine Learning

nablet’s AI-powered video processing technologies can automate expensive, time-consuming processes. For example, Shrynk can analyze a long video such as a soccer match, and automatically generate a highlight reel containing all goals and other interesting plays. Heightscreen can analyze content in realtime and convert horizontal video to an optimized vertical format for mobile consumption.

nablet is seeking partners to further develop these exiting new technologies and expand them into specific vertical markets.


Heightscreen is an AI-based 9:16 vertical video converter. It automatically detects areas of interest in horizontal content, and generates a vertical version panned accordingly, for example a soccer ball going into a goal.

Videos generated by Heightscreen have the benefits of landscape video while fully utilizing the screen landscape of a phone held vertically.

nablet is looking for early adopters who want to be among the first to utilize this exciting new technology in their applications.

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Shrynk is an automatic highlight reel generator. It uses AI to analyze content and create a clip showing only the most interesting parts. For example, Shrynk can condense an entire soccer game to a short clip containing only the goals and most intense action scenes.

This new technology is ideal for broadcasters and other content creators, automating the tedious process of editing highlights. It also enables app creators to help users escape content overload by getting the highlights of the past weekend’s sports, or a summary of the latest news.

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