avioon Licenses nablet Video Fingerprinting and Segmentation Technology

avioon-iconISTANBUL, Turkey and AACHEN, Germany – September 4, 2013 – avioon, a broadcast software company has licensed nablet’s nablet:id fingerprinting technology, as well as toucan – nablet’s video segmentation engine.

“We have been looking for a engine that would allow us to fingerprint the incoming content, while generating the fingerprint on automatically segmented chunks – the nablet engine allows us to do both in one step,” says Gültekin Boyraz, CTO and Co-Founder of avioon. “Without identification the monetization of content is difficult. Our customers can now automatically ingest their content, find the scenes in video and have the video fingerprinted to track and monitor their content.”

“avioon’s workbox includes several of our new technologies, just like our video segmentation engine, nablet:ID as well as our transcoding engine based on Intel’s high performance hardware accelerated codecs,” says Muzaffer Beygirci, CEO nablet. “The Intel-based codecs support high quality video as well as ultrafast encoding. On the latest Haswell platform we see transcoding speed of up to 1000 fps while transcoding DVD to H.264/AAC.”

avioon develops software for the broadcast and media markets. Its portfolio ranges from Ingest, media asset management, transcoding software, media monitoring and streaming solutions. avioon´s engines are used in several other products under its customers brand.

nablet develops technologies for the broadcast and entertainment markets. Its main focus is on the research and development of technologies for content analysis, image processing and the automated creation of metadata. Another focus is on the development of base technologies for video, audio and streaming. Some of these areas include codecs, muxer and container formats, streaming and transcoding engines.

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