New Broadcast Technologies

nablet products are widely used in broadcasting and related industries. Now, we announce two new technologies specifically for broadcasters, to help ensure quality and compliance.

Loudness Normalization


Compliant with standards

  • ITU BS.1770
  • EBU R128

Supports any sources

  • Live signals
  • Network streams
  • Local files

Closed Captioning


Compliant with official standards

  • Line 21 Data Services
    (ANSI/CTA-608-E S-2019)
  • Digital Television (DTV) Closed Captioning
    (ANSI/CTA-708-E R-2018)

Designed for professionals

  • Include a set of helpers to simplify working with subtitle metadata
  • Works in an SMPTE-436 track of MXF files.
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