nablet joins ARRI and Trackmen to demonstrate MXF Live streaming at broadcast event

nablet joined with ARRI and Trackmen to showcase MXF Live streaming at International Broadcast Day 2019, June 27 in Potsdam, Germany.

MXF Live, co-authored by nablet, is a draft extension to the SMPTE Low Latency Streaming MXF spec, which adds additional flexibility for various use cases. For example, multiple devices on a set can send MXF data for a variety of purposes including remote control of receivers. It also allows a growing MXF file to be edited while ingest is still in progress.

The technology project demonstrated an “on set” scenario where separate devices — an ARRI prototype camera and a Trackmen tracking system — each streamed MXF over IP. On a workstation PC, a network receiver application captured and displayed the incoming video and tracking data live with the option to join these MXF tracks into a single new MXF stream. The software for the demo was powered by nablet MXF components.

Another demo showed the capturing of an MXF Live stream and the ingestion of the growing MXF file into Avid Media Composer via a nablet AMA plugin which enabled editing during ingest.

Click here for more information about International Broadcast Day 2019. Watch for the latest progress of MXF Live at the next demo during the IBC2019 show.

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