Our Team

nablet has a global team of expert management, sales, development, finance and support staff, with decades of combined experience and success in codecs and related technologies.

nablet GmbH was founded in 2011 in Aachen, Germany. Our core team was originally part of the founding team of MainConcept, and we developed codecs that are used widely around the world. We split off to form nablet after MainConcept went through several acquisitions.

Our strategy was to create new codecs that were even better than the previous ones, then to respond to ever-changing industry needs and create a variety of technology modules that would work together as part of an ecosystem. In parallel, our plan was to develop mediaEngine, a multi-format transcoding engine that would reach a broad customer base and work with our ecosystem.

Now, nablet has a wide product line that is used daily in mission-critical applications.  We are leveraging that traction to expand our client base and profitability.

Growth Strategy and Timeline

  • 2011

    nablet launched

    Leading codec development team spins off to form new company.

  • 2012

    Work begins on core technologies

    Encoders, decoders, watermarking, fingerprinting and more.

  • 2014

    Development starts on streaming technologies

    Components needed by multi-billion-dollar markets.

  • 2015

    nablet releases mediaEngine

    Core transcoding platform supporting modular expansion to meet industry needs.

  • 2016

    nablet becomes official developer of Sony format plugins for Avid Media Composer

    Reaching wide global user base, with over 200k downloads per year.

  • 2016

    nablet's Sony/Avid plugin success powers expansion

    Into lucrative film and post-production markets.

  • 2018

    nablet begins work for Panasonic

    Further expanding traction in key technologies.

  • 2019

    nablet launches first AI products

    Automating time-consuming processes in broadcast and post-production fields.

  • 2019

    nablet drafts MXF Live SMPTE standard

    With prominent industry partners including ARRI.

  • 2020

    nablet expands global infrastructure

    Including USA operations and expanded global sales activities.

  • 2021 and beyond

    nablet continues successful growth strategy

    Increases profitability by continuing to respond to ever-changing industry needs.

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