Version 2.0 Available
Now Including CoderXR™

nablet VideoProcessingEngine is an SDK that supports deinterlacing, denoising, scaling and color conversion. It now includes CoderXR, a powerful video and image enhancer that can dramatically reduce file size and bitrate without sacrificing quality.

The modules in the toolkit can help:

  • Reduce file size by as much as 50%, achieving better quality at the same bitrate or a lower bitrate at the same quality
  • Reduce video processing and transcoding time
  • Increase video quality significantly
  • Add 4K or 8K support to existing workflows
  • Generate high-quality progressive frames from interlaced video
  • Convert between color spaces quickly with high quality
  • Upscale or downscale video

nablet VPE uses different approaches and algorithms than other image processing engines on the market. For example, the Deinterlacer module can create new frames without having reference frames to work with, using adaptive methods to avoid artifacts and generate high-quality video.

The SDK comes with easy to use sample binaries to run on RAW video and picture files. Please also see nablet RAW Viewer as a handy tool to check the differences between original files and VPE output.

Included Modules

In addition to CoderXR, the toolkit includes these components:


nablet Deinterlacer includes an automated decision engine which chooses the optimal parameters to achieve the best possible quality. It prevents typical deinterlacing issues like first frame problems, ghosted images, and artifacts at sharp corners or lines.

Features include:

  • SSE – AVX2 optimizations
  • OpenCL and CUDA support

The images below show the Deinterlacer in action. The left image shows the input, the center image shows the output, and the image on the right shows an enlarged, side-by-side comparison of the input and output. You can click on any image to enlarge it, or click here to download all of the images in a zip file for further review.


The nablet denoiser is part of our high quality XAVC Video codec which is shipped with our AMA (Avid Media Access) plugin. It includes a video analysis engine and does automated preprocessing for the highest possible quality without losing speed. The noise level is set automatically without requiring interaction within the video processing chain.

Features include:

  • SSE – AVX2 optimizations
  • OpenCL and CUDA support

Video Scaler

nablet Video Scaler supports FIR filtering with unique features that provide higher picture quality. Even though it uses more bits in the individual scaling steps, it does not require more CPU cycles.

Features include:

  • SSE – AVX optimizations
  • OpenCL and CUDA versions planned
  • Up to 8K high quality scaling

Color Converter

The Color Converter uses a unique method of converting between color spaces. During the conversion process it uses 16-32 bit interim memory which creates more data than normal converters, resulting in higher video quality.

Features include:

  • SSE – AVX optimizations
  • Any to any format conversion
  • OpenCL and CUDA versions planned
  • Up to 8K high quality scaling
  • Alpha channel scaling

Supported Input and Output Formats (Defined by FourCC)

BGR3, BGR4, BGRA – RGB, range is black=0, white=255 (default)
R24C, R32C, R32A – RGB, range is black=16, white=235 used in video-editing to keep super-black and super-white

VUY4, VUYA – YCbCr interleaved to 4-bytes words
I410, I420, I411, I422, I444 – YCbCr planar formats  (Y plane, Cb-plane, Cr-plane)
YVU9, YV12, YV16, YV24 – YCbCr planar formats (Y plane, Cr-plane, Cb-plane)
YUY2 (alias YUYV), UYVY – YCbCb 4:2:2 interleaved (Y,Cb,Y,Cr… or Cb,Y,Cr,Y)
v210 – YCbCr, 10 bits UYVY packed to 32-bits words
NV12, NV16, NV24 – YCbCr special format used by hardware
UYV9 – UYV12
16 bits uint16_t planar I420,I422, I444
S-Log3 (currently in Development)

The nablet VPE SDK is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

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