windows-logoThe nablet Transport Stream Analyzer is a powerful Windows software tool for evaluating transport stream video and its included audio and other metadata. It supports all kinds of transport streams including satellite, streaming video and video cameras (such as MTS). It can analyze video from live sources and video files.

The HTML interface integrates easily into existing workflows and products.

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New Features

  • Dynamic addition to basic info table of other PSI tables (EIT, NIT, SDT, TDT) not detected by libav on file opening. These items are shown in pink in the image below.
  • Dynamic addition to basic info table of other unknown PIDs found during TS packet parsing. These items are shown in gray in the image below.
  • Fixed scroll in basic info table when expanding or collapting parent elements.
  • Parsing NIT table and displaying details.
  • Analysis of third level errors (NIT, SDT, EIT and TDT table errors).



  • File-based and stream-based analysis
  • 27 MHz and DTS display
  • Support for subtitles and private stream information
  • Range selector (time or byte offset) for extraction of elementary streams
  • Optional chunk size setting for analysis of extremely large video files
  • Pause option for analysis of live streams
  • Filter options by PCR, PTS, PES and ES headers
  • HEX data preview
  • And many more

Features In Detail

Analyzing Transport Streams

From files, RTP and UDP streams.

Basic Information

Displaying basic information of transport streams and included video, audio, subtitles and bin data streams. Basic information includes PAT characteristics, numbers of programs with PMT tables, elementary streams with specific fields, like frame rate, resolution, DAR, SAR, bitrate, duration for video, sample rate, channels for audio and so on. It also shows pids for all TS elements.

TS Analyzer Basic Stream Info

TS Packets Grid

Navigation by all TS packets in transport stream with information about packet offset, pid, continuity counter, start indicator, pcr, pts and name of elementary streams’ codec/type.

TS Analyzer Packets Grid

Hex Viewer

Viewer for TS packet data allows investigating raw binary data of packets. Clicking offset of TS packet will select the appropriate piece of data in the hex viewer.

TS Analyzer Hex Viewer

TS Packet Flags and Fields

Detailed information about each TS packet, like transport priority, scrambling controls, adaptation field control, detailed PES header data, detailed data from PMT tables and so on.

TS Analyzer Packet Flags and Fields


Showing only specific packets. Currently, the TS Analyzer filters ts packets by PCR existence, presence of PES header and ES header in packet and containing PTS values.

TS Analyzer Filtering

It is also possible to exclude some types of TS packets from the table by unchecking appropriate element(s) in the basic information table. So you can navigate and analyze only packets related to video, audio, PAT, PMT table, subtitles, specific program and so on.

TS Analyzer Filtering

Elementary Stream Extraction

This feature allows dumping of elementary video or audio streams from input TS. You can select the needed stream from the basic info table or TS packet grid with the selected beginning offset.

TS Analyzer Elementary Stream Extraction

Moreover, you can extract only part of a stream by selecting a byte range or time period.

TS Analyzer Elementary Stream Extraction

Chunk Analysis

This features allows you to analyze only a chunk of data, for instance the first or last 100 MB of an input file.

TS Analyzer Chunk Analysis

TR 101 209 Analysis

Detection of stream errors according to TR 101 209 guidelines.

TS Analyzer TR 101 209 Analysis


The main windows consist of a few layouts which can be hidden to create a compact view.
For convenient viewing, TS Analyzer colors packets by codec and table types.

TS Analyzer HTML GUI

TS Analyzer HTML GUI

The central layout contains a panel with controls for paging, pausing/stopping analysis and enabling TS packets filter.

TS Analyzer HTML GUI

Just $179.00.

Demo version:

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