The plugin allows both Apple Final Cut Pro X and 7 to playback MXF-files natively.

It comes with VXF Player that can be used to quickly open MXF files for playback.


The MXF plugin allows to open and playback MXF Files OP1-a also inside other applications that use QuickTime, and plays them back even as they are growing.

Features of MXF Plugin v1.0

  • MXF Op1-a DV
  • MXF Op1-a DVCPRO
  • MXF Op1-a AVC-Intra 50 and 100
  • Playback of growing files (edit during ingest)
  • Built-in AES331m to PCM decoder
  • Opens MXF files ultra fast in FCP

You can see the plugin in action at the IBC 2014 exhibition in this video:


We have received a lot of interest for the MXF Plugin and we really appreciate the attention. To make things easier we’ve written a short FAQ to answer the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions or would like some clarifications please get in touch via

Why does the VXFPlayer not open my MXF file?

Please ensure that the Apple ProApps Codecs are installed in your system as described here:

If they are already installed, then a failure to open the file could be one of the following:

  1. Unsupported essence: Please verify if the codec used in the essence is in the list of supported formats. Please contact us if you need more information.
  2. An out-of-spec MXF container: We have seen both video servers and software (editors, transcoders etc.) produce out-of-spec MXF files while describing the file as compliant in the headers. XDCAM-HD is the most common format where this happens. See below for suggestions.
  3. A bug in the MXF import plugin: See below how to reach Support.

Some customers have reported that the Apple ProApps Codecs installation fails on occasion. A suggested workaround for installing these:

  1. Download the current Apple ProApps Codecs at
  2. Unpack the .pkg file. You can use an app called “unpkg” but there are other options. This reveals the correct locations for the individual codecs.
  3. Manually install (overwrite) the codecs in the correct locations and restart FCP X and VXF player 4) Test playback using your own media our use our sample XDCAM HD 50 Mbit 1080i50 test file.

What about P2 support?

P2 uses the OP-Atom format, which is currently unsupported. We are planning to support it in a upcoming release.

Is there an MXF export plugin as well?

Yes, but it is currently under development. We spoke with many customers before we built the MXF import plugin, and most of them expressed a need for both import and export plugins in their workflow. Focusing on solving the MXF import first was a natural way to attack the problem.

Are you planning on adding support for other codecs?

Yes, we will be constantly adding new features and will listen carefully to the requests of our users. If you can tell us what you want, and why, we will definitely consider it for future versions.

How do I completely uninstall the MXF plugin?

The first step is to move the VXF-Player to the trash and then empty the trash. If you want to remove the actual playback libraries as well you will have to remove the following two files as well;

  • /Library/QuickTime/NabletMxf.component
  • /usr/local/lib/libn_mux_mxf.dylib

How do I contact support?

Please send an email to Thanks for your interest.

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