Mac Version Now Available
macOS 10.12 or higher recommended

New Version 1.5 Now Available for Windows and macOS

nablet MXF Explorer is a powerful software tool that can parse MXF files, explore structure and execute basic format validations.

MXF Explorer is the latest in a comprehensive series of products based on the nablet MXF SDK that includes a multi-platform muxer and demuxer for various MXF types.


  • Ultra-fast MXF structure parsing even with very large files
  • Maintains SMPTE RP210 v13 and SMPTE RP224 v12 dictionaries
  • SMPTE ST 381-3:2013 (AVC mapping) tags
  • Amendment 2:2012 to SMPTE ST 377-1:2011 tags
  • Multi-threading validation
  • AS-11 support
  • Support for the XD-CAM family of formats
  • AVC-Intra support
  • XAVC support including XAVC-LongGOP

New in Version 1.5 (Released August 8, 2017)

  • IMF-comatible remuxing mode added (single track).
  • Caption for J2K stream added.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • More correct timecode validations.
  • Validation for mb_adaptive_frame_field_flag added to XAVC checks.
  • Validation for bodySID/IndexSID under XAVC preset added.
  • Bitstream parser for DV format added.
  • Bitstream parser for J2K format added.
  • SMPTE 477-4 (MXF Multichannel Audio Labeling Framework) dynamic tags added.

Previous Updates

Version 1.4 (Released March 27, 2017)

  • Various minor fixes.

Version 1.2 (Released January 17, 2017)

  • Various minor fixes.

Version (Released October 19, 2016)

  • Validation for presence all metadata tags required by SMPTE ST 377-1:2011 has been implemented.
  • Growing files parsing.
  • Validations for CBE and VBE indexes: Deltas, Slices, Index entries (excluding flags and KeyFrame offset yet).
  • Validations set for partition pack fields added.
  • Various interface improvements.

Version (Released September 26, 2016)

  • Improved size format in file properties.
  • Standalone menu item to import license key.
  • File Properties shows op. pattern in symbolic view.
  • Text search mode added (8-bit and 16-bit characters).
  • About dialog now displays license owner info.
  • All KLVs with warning or error now marked by their own color.
  • UL references now print from new line to better window space using.
  • Open/Closed, incomplete/complete indication for partition headers.
  • Basic validations for partition headers added.
  • Bug fixed: old file properties do not clear when file opening fails.
  • Bug fixed: crash by wrong parent partition index.
  • Minor bug fixes and typo corrections.

Supported Validation Tests

  • KAG alignments
  • checkStatic and dynamic metadata tags
  • check for Universal label in corresponded metadata entries
  • Non-Klv areas detection

Just $699.00 (USD).

Demo Version

Demo limitations:

  • Splash screen on file opening
  • Some analysis result strings replaced by “DEMO” pattern

The demo can be unlocked with a serial number once a license is purchased.

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