nablet has been the perfect partner for Minnetonka, focusing on technology that creates real solutions for customers. With a deep understanding of video codecs, transcoding, streaming, and project consulting, nablet brings to video what we do for audio.

John Schur
President, Minnetonka Audio

Programming is the art of going the last mile. nablet will do it.

Walter Kuntner
CEO, ToolsOnAir

nablet is the one-stop shop for all video technology needs.

Björn Adamski
Creator & Co-Publisher, ScreenMux

We trust in our cooperation with nablet. It has been proven as competent and innovative for many years now.

Ingo Hoffman
CTO, artec technologies

We have worked with nablet GmbH on several video-related projects and they are an excellent partner with deep insight into video codecs and wrappers.

Petter Ole Jakobsen
CTO, Vizrt